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Selvagem is the frequency of wildness.

She beats in your heart & throbs through your veins.
Hers is a dance of lifesex & death.

To shed the skin of the person you were told to be.

It never fit.

To leave the path they said would lead to freedom.

It was a cage.

To honour your appetite for the raw & true.

Your primal hunger is holy.

To explore new sensations of ecstasy in your body.

No taboos. No limits.


Receive the Selvagem Rewilding Ritual below...


Get a little a taste of my medicine...

SELVAGEM is a channeled ritual journey with chants and dance that carry the codes of Selvagem, our innate wildness.


The first time I read the intro for Selvagem my whole body went "yes"

as it felt the lusciousness of the words. And the ritual performance didn't disappoint. As soon as Carina appeared on screen I could feel the wild in a way that felt really true to me. It was a way that celebrated sensuality, rawness and joy. Getting to feel Carina in that place, then go there myself in her guided journey and embody my own wild felt exhilarating.

-- Phoenix Jessica

Your work is beyond magical, mystical and potent.

Thank you for elevating the world around you by fearlessly showing up as the depth of you. Your expression always pushes me to be more me and I'm grateful to be in community with you. I am so honored to stand with you in this life time as a healing-woman.

-- Cara-Lily

I am Carina Alencar

am a conduit for our innate wildness, in Portuguese: “Selvagem”.
The wild, unbridled “She” in all of us.

I embody the codes of eros, 
freedom & radical authenticity.

I awaken thirst for life & weave with the medicine of Erotic Alchemy

(I offer):

- Intensive, 1-1 immersions focused on conjuring & crafting ritual & transformational art for catalyst healing & system reset.
- Layered & Unraveling, Long-term Mentorships in the feminine lineage of magic & creation.
In my containers, you will reclaim your wild soul embodiment & emerge the most unleashed expression of ecstasy - of any lifetime.
Heed the Call.

Wild Soul Embodiment

No longer will you settle for a dull life, faintly-lived.

No longer will you shame your deepestyour most true - desires.

No longer will you dim the power that longs to surge through you.

No longer will you sacrifice your pleasure on the altar of approval.

Selvagem is a call...

To your essence, your genius, your expression.

To be the artist & creator you were always meant to be.

To your wild, erotic nature.

Tasting every exquisite flavour of the sensual feast of life.

Shameless & unshackled.
When she summons you with Selvagem...
Once you enter her wild jungle to die & to dance...

there is no going back.
Yet once you have tasted her exquisite kiss of freedom,

once her drums beat in your blood -

You won't want to settle

Are you ready to embody your wild soul?

Join me for a 30-minute exploration call to connect and share your dream of wildness with me

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