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I feel her. I know her.
She, who dwells deep in forests where thick leaves drip with dew and rainbow plumes of parrots streak across the sky.

She, whose hips sway like eager streams seeking out the ocean.

Whose yoni gushes lusciously like a waterfall.

She, the furnace beneath our feet, forging new life from molten fire.
She, the rich, cool soil that throbs with tiny lives.

She, the ecstatic chatter of sweet, sleek dolphins;

the silent, bloody hunt of shark.

She, the breeze that strokes our skin;

The hurricane that smashes stone.

She, who births and feeds and maims and kills. calling us home.

To unlock her codes in our flesh and bones.
To unleash the deep magic that sets us free.

Beyond shame, into ecstasy...


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