Selvagem: Rewilding Ritual

SELVAGEM is a channeled ritual journey with chants and dance that carry the codes of Selvagem, our innate wildness.

This exquisite ritual will give you permission to surrender to your primal impulses and sink into a new, sensual rhythm of life.


Can you hear her whispers?
Soft seeds of intrigue planted in your soul.
Beckoning you to enter her realm and taste a little of her essence before she takes you deep. 
Damp earth slips between your toes as you slide through the trees.
Tropical blooms burst unabashed amidst the green, their heady fragrance a hypnotic elixir.
You pluck a ripe Maracuya off a branch and split its golden skin.
Sucking in its willing seeds, juice and flesh dripping down your chin and chest.
An orchestra of birdsong - softly cacophonous - swells over the sound of a waterfall.
Her soothing pool tempts you in, sweat and juice now trickling like a sticky river.
You shed your clothes and dive into her waters.
Stripped. Cleansed. Cooled.
As you float, you sense her presence here. 
Sound and scent and touch and taste.
Raw. Wild. Ravenous.
The pulse of life in every leaf, every wing, every droplet, every stone.
Her magic rippling through every molecule.
Now you feel her.
Now you remember.
Now you are ready to receive. 
Let Jaguar guide you to a wild cove where the jungle meets the sea, and let the spirit of Selvagem speak to you. 
Her heartbeat pulses in the sand and soil; her song whispers to you on the waves.
Where are you caging your wild desires? 
What frightens you about your untamed self? 
Entrancing, deep, delicious.
Listen. ~