I am a conduit
for our innate wildness.

in Portuguese, the word for this frequency is: “Selvagem.

The wildunbridled “She” in all of us. 

embody the codes of eros, freedom & radical authenticity.

I awaken thirst for life weave with the medicine of Erotic Alchemy.

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Upon arrival on this Earth,

was born to parents from Bahia, Brazil. My blood is a blend of African, European & Indigenous. Selvagem has saturated my bones, yet for decades I tuned her out - rejecting my roots & denying my expression.

After grief cracked me open in my twenties, I tamed myself for safety, trying to fit the boxes of a good daughter & then eventually, a responsible single mom.

Only when her drum beat deepened & my soul felt suffocated did I listen. I turned inwards to the darkness & let myself die. I surrendered to the unknown & sought my own magic instead of the approval of others.

I began to breathe again, perform again & unlocked the exquisite mysteries of my body & sex.

Now, I am claiming my place on stage as a performance artist, ceremonialist & sensual Shaman, calling others to a remembrance of Selvagem - their wildness.

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Enter the portal of transformation with me: muse, mystic, guide.

Here, the body is the oracle - the compass that points the way.
Eros leading us down the path -  not only to ecstasy but to radical presence & an authentic embodiment.
Free of control.
Free of shame.
Free of judgment.

Allow the dark honey of soul to ooze out of your heart & drip down your belly.

Welcome it into the chalice of your womb.

And stoke the flames of primal desire in your root.

Here we can create an alchemy of the senses & your true essence that is waiting to freely seep through & anchor into your being.

Allow Her to emerge.

Stir the cauldron of truth.
Witness the unique elixir that is yours only to sip.

Here's to the unraveling together, dear creature.